22 February 2012

waiting for the other shoe to drop

you know how bad things always happen in threes? well, i am waiting for that third bad thing right now.  with my grandmother's surgery and some insane stress at work, i know a third thing is coming.

my beloved grandmother is at home, on the mend, after a really bad surgery.  we know she is much better because she is back to being feisty. when she is calm and quiet, it is time to worry! we've got a lot of people helping to take care of her and i am on duty this weekend. last weekend, i painted her nails and we gossiped about her neighbors. we had a blast. thanks for all the well wishes and prayers. they really meant a lot.

to help with the stressful week, i indulged in a little target therapy yesterday. the boy was working late, so instead of coming home to cook dinner, i wandered up and down the aisles at target for nearly two hours. kind of sick how that recharged me, right?

  there are 96 days until summer, so i made my first bathing suit purchase of the season.  i love the navy stripes, but now i am thinking i should have chosen the green and white striped top and paired it with navy bottoms.

summer, hurry up and get here, i am jonesing for some pool time!

i found this rugby shirt in the men's department.

wishing i had picked up this one too...may need to visit target again tomorrow...

i love a rugby shirt with white jeans. this year, i've decided that i am not waiting until memorial day for my white jeans. once spring hits, i'm wearing them as much as i want!

have you found anything really fun at target lately?


Europafox said...

Hey I totally understand the retail therapy! Sometimes you just need time out think of..nothing! Glad your Grandma is doing a little better.

Leslie said...

Target is certainly my happy place; I'm glad that you could find some time to yourself. I'll keep you, your grandma, and your family in my prayers. I'm hoping that third thing doesn't happen.

Landlocked Mermaid said...

I am sorry you are so stressed honey.. i love you and retail therapy is the way to go xxoxox

Jessica said...

Shopping always helps me de-stress. (Sadly, I gave up shopping for unnecessary things [Read: Anything clothing related].), I did buy a really cute cobalt knee-length skirt, for work, today at Target. It was $18! And, in my mind, totally necessary :).

Monica said...

Happy to hear that your Grandmother is home. I have been thinking of you!

Jenna said...

Sending lots of thoughts and prayers to you and your grandma! Glad she is feeling feisty again! :) And walking around Target for two hours? Glad I'm not alone!