19 November 2012

fun finds for the boy at jc penney

i went to jc penney on a hunt for window shades. i ended up finding a ton of great things for the boy. the best score was this quilted jacket, regularly $40, on sale for $25.  the image online makes it look awful and super shiny, so i made the boy pose for a picture for the blog. i had to crop out his face because he looked crazy. anyone who knows the boy in person knows he is prone to making crazy faces to annoy me. one day, i am going to embarrass him and post the crazy face.

he loves the jacket. we had been looking at many similar items that were a lot more expensive. for a casual, knockaround town jacket, you can't beat $25. the quality seems decent. it is lightweight,  certainly not appropriate for a harsh new england winter. layered with a sweater if it is colder, the jacket is perfect for fall, early winter and spring in this region.  i am thinking about getting one for myself!

here are the other items i loved for men at jcp:

$35 plaid sport shirt. this shirt is just like the trendier ones j crew is selling for $70.

i loved this sweater, only $30

obviously, i like striped sweaters. this one was only $20 and is very soft.

i didn't find as many nice thing for women. everything i checked out for women looked like it only cost $20. i was really surprised by the men's selections. The quality seems surprisingly good for the price. 


MCW said...

Did you sign up for the Turkey Trot???

Belle on Heels said...

I wonder if I could get M to wear that jacket. Literally the only jackets he own are his coaching ones. SO bad.

Jenna said...

You and the boy are one well-dressed couple! Great finds! Especially that final sweater- love!

If only I had a man to buy for...but that's another story :)

Landlocked Mermaid said...

It is a good thing you got him the last one in Mcdonagh colors
miss you xo

lori carolina said...

LOVE the jacket and yes, show us the crazy faces, it'll serve him right!!:))
Hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving!!