06 November 2012

tuesday tell all

my brides from last weekend sent me a really thoughtful thank you package and sweet card for coordinating their wedding. i was so tickled. it feels really good to have happy clients!

this was one of the goodies in my package:

here are my thoughts for today:

1. i will be so relieved when the election madness is over. yes, i voted. yes, i care. and yes, i've had to hide approximately 25% of my facebook friends because i can't take their ill-informed rhetoric and "news" about politics. i just want to know who wins and move forward (and hope my guy is the winner). 

2. this morning i tried on 10 different outfits, only to be disgusted by them all and ended up in jeans and a polo shirt with a fleece jacket and puffer vest. so thankful that i work in a super causal environment now and it doesn't matter what i wear. 

3. i ate a pack of halloween candy and gummy vitamins for breakfast. i washed it down with really fancy tea from teavana. 

4. last night, i went to dinner to celebrate babysis turning 29. the fact that my baby sister is almost 30 makes me feel very old. i still look at her and see the little imp who used to follow me everywhere and ask "why?" ten thousand times every day in a very annoying voice. so weird that she is an accomplished, grown up lady. i'm very proud of her. 

5. my shoes are making me happy today. on sale at gap!


Leslie said...

I adore your shoes! I also think that your breakfast sounds awesome. :) I agree about little sisters growing up; it's so strange to me!

KatiePerk said...

Cute shoes. Hooray for voting!

MCW said...

I just voted. I bet you can't guess for who. Ha. I want those shoes. And I can't wait to see you Wednesday!!!

Nat said...

Love those shoes!! So happy the election is over today- I can't handle the awful facebook posts anyore!

I Do Declare said...

hi! stalking. excited to meet you next week....!

Jenna said...

That Kate Spade coin purse is very very sweet! Those brides have excellent taste!

Your breakfast sounds amazing. Last year, one of my roommates was addicted to Teavana and always shared her stash with me. I miss her. And the tea.

And as to the election? Thank goodness it is over! I always try to be discrete when it comes to my political choices, and I was tired of people interpreting that as, "Please allow me to force my political beliefs on you since you say you're moderate and will not tell me who you are voting for."

Kate said...

Those shoes are so cute! I think my local store sold out of the plaid. Maybe I will order online since they are doing 30% off right now