05 November 2012

wine, anyone?

another monday here, already wishing it was friday again! 

on saturday night, the boy and i went to a casual party at the home of a partner at his law firm. i love casual events with super fancy food. it feels so ina garten, barefoot contessa to me. we had a blast. the host had the most amazing wine cellar in the basement.  

why yes i did take a picture in there when everyone left. 

the host shared the best wines that i've ever tasted in my life. how will i ever go back to two buck chuck after that? 

i also wore some really ridiculous outfits over the weekend. yes, i am wearing faux fur, flannel and leopard print shoes all in one outfit. the boy was not pleased. maybe it was a little over the top...

and a fun target find in the boys' section for my two favorite minis, taylor and kennedy. $12 for this trendy fox sweater

almost at cute as the christopher fischer cashmere version from barney's

and a much better price for the under 6 set. 

and now back to monday at work...boo!


MCW said...

Haha! Only you could pull of that that off! xo

Leslie said...

What a great event! I love that Target find. For little kids, that is the way to go. Also, your outfits are fabulous to me.

Nat said...

How fun! I would have totally tried to sneak a pic too!

Jenna said...

Now THAT is an impressive wine cellar! Wow!

And I am loving the adorable little boy sweaters! What a find indeed! Oh, Target, how amazing you are.