20 December 2012

christmas is in the air!

after months and months, we finally got the living room curtains hung! i swear they look better in person. 

question: do you say curtains or drapes? i have always thought that the term drapes was overly fussy and formal, so i just say curtains, but is there a difference, or is it just a matter of opinion?

last sunday, i had some lovelies over for a holiday brunch (mcw, mermaid and i do declare, along with miss ax who no longer blogs). we had a blast. yummy food and hours of girltalk. we devoured the crab quiche. it was a hit. highlights from the party: the boy, who does not understand that he is supposed to leave home or stay scarce during a girl party. he kept popping in to eavesdrop and join in on the conversation. mcw did not disappoint him by providing many salacious stories.

here's my table. i love all my holiday tartans

my grandmother brought me the adorable elephant place card holders from a trip to india a few years ago. 

our house is finally decked for christmas. we found a perfect tall and skinny tree. i always get a fraser fir. our space is pretty tight, so a full tree never works. we lucked out this time and didn't have to do any pruning of the tree once we got her inside. she wedged perfectly into place. 

now that my tree is up and i've got my first holiday party of the season under my belt, i am in a christmas spirit!


MCW said...

I think the tree fits perfectly there!

I love your house. It's so cozy. I say curtains as well.

I think IDC and her mention of beaver had A in stitches as well.

MCW said...

Um. My address at my parent's was just the number for the word verification. Creepy.

Nat said...

Love the table setting and your Christmas tree! Sounds like it was a fun brunch :)

I Do Declare said...

I say curtains. Sometimes window treatments.

I'm making your quiche soon - SO yum! Thanks again!

Kathy said...

You have done a wonderful job on your home! It looks so warm and inviting. I call them curtains

Landlocked Mermaid said...

I love that house ! It is soo homey! I always say drapes when it is something heavy with backing and more formal. but that is what my mom always said. Curtains to me are more light and what you have in the kitchen .. But yours look amazing as usual. I love you and those girls xoxo and THE BOY xoox

Elizabeth said...

Love the table!!

Jenna said...

I also say "curtains" for the same reasons as you! They look beautiful. That pattern is perfect, and the color of the wall looks great with it!

Gorgeous Christmas decorations (totally unsurprising!).

Your grandmother brought back those elephant placeholders from India? WHY is your entire family so posh and cool?! :)

lori carolina said...

Boys ... always buttin' their heads where they don't belong.
I call them drapes, unless they're short, like cafe curtains, them I call them curtains. But what do I know?! Either way, they're gorgeous and you did a great job! Really like your table runner!

Thirkellgirl said...

I just wanted to let you know that you were wonderful in your comment on "Muffy's" blog post today. Thank you. Lol.

ygporky said...

Looks great u need to keep blogging though