05 December 2012


i took (another) break from blogging. life got busy, work got busy, then my aunt barbara died and i just didn't feel like writing. i'm back, hopefully for good. sometimes a break is a good thing.

the boy and i found the really cool kenyan drum that we decided to use as a side table. not the most practical table, but it is really cool, right? sometimes, he has no idea what sort of shopping adventure we'll get into. this time, he loved our find as much as i did. 

it fits perfectly between these chairs in the living room. 

i added a glass top to make it actually functional as a table. the cowhide, while pretty, probably won't hold up very well to spilled drinks. the bust is a hand carved souvenir from bali. the boy will never let me live down how hard i haggled the artist down to get her for what i felt was a fair price. i won, clearly. and she's my favorite treasure from the trip. 

i started decorating for christmas. this year, i chose a very simple boxwood wreath. last year, i had an evergreen wreath. the needles that fell out every time i opened the door drove me insane. i also prefer the brighter green color of the boxwood. 

my nutcrackers are back! the pirate got a little bit of flair that fell off of the boxwood wreath. 

and my holiday table with nutcracker sentries guarding the baby christmas tree.

hopefully we'll have time to get our real christmas tree sometime this week. 


Leslie said...

Your house is really looking festive, and I love that table. I'm sorry to hear about your aunt. It can be really difficult, especially during this time of year. Breaks are definitely good for the soul.

Jenna said...

I'm sorry to read about your aunt. I hope you and your family are doing okay- sending lots of good thoughts your way!

Your Christmas decorations are beautiful! I love the boxwood wreath. It is such a pretty and vibrant shade of green.

Oh that end table? AMAZE.

Nat said...

Love the kenyan drum as a side table and I LOVE your wreath! So sorry to hear about your aunt

Kate said...

I love that you are using a drum as a side table. What a great idea! It goes perfectly with your chairs.

Cute big bow on the wreath!

The Gold Digger said...

I'm sorry to hear about your aunt. That's hard.

lori carolina said...

Love the cowhide look. Sorry about your Aunt Barbara.